Persiana latina was born on September 5, 2013 on South America due to the need of Latin American audiovisual artists, musicians, producers and advertising strategists to internacionalize their talent.

The media and video are our base as well as companies that are interested in supporting new proyects that can be treasured by a group of dynamic young people who have a great talent.

We also offer consulting and training for young talents so that they can obtain interesting content through social networks and the media.​

Supported by corporations committed to Social and Cultural Development through the audiovisual industry.  


Dayhanna Velandia

Founder / PR / Bogotá - Colombia / 30 years old.


"I have created this network of companies, artists, managers and producers in order to join the independent creative sector with interst of hispanic market in USA.

We are located in the city of New Orleans of the state of Louisiana in the United States and our goal is to give support at the Hispanic and Latino culture through our public relations and creation of content for companies counting on the work of many professionals who are joining this mission, we have visual, musical, actorals and publicist latino and non-Latino talents that have a great interest in promoting culture through something that I call "cultural creativity" for companies with a contribution and social impact.

The exchange of cultures is our primary objective "